An Introduction to Lexicography
Bilingualism and achivement in school
Collected papers on Language and Linguistics
Convergence and Language Shift in A Linguistic Minority
Diglossia and Literacy
Dimensions of Applied Linguistics
Directory of Institutions
Drills and Excercises
Evaluation and Testing
Evaluation in Language Education
Folklore an Introduction
Half the battle and quarter
Improving Language Skills in the Mother tongue
Indian Folklore I
Indian Folklore II
Introduction to Indian Epigraphy
Konyak Orthography
Language Acquisition Thought and Disorder
Language Contact,Change and Obsolescence
Language law and National Integration
Language Load
Language Movements in India
Language Use in Administration and National Integration
Language, Education and Culture
Lexicography in India
Literacy Methodology
Metrical Phonology
Muhammad Shahidullah & His Contribution To Bengali Linguistics
Papers and Talks
Positions On Socialization
Silent talk-Nonverbal Communication
Speech of the Hearing Impaired
Studies in Bilingualism
Tangkhul-Naga Grammar
Teaching and Learning of Idiomatic Expressions
Teaching Efficient Reading
The Ethnology of the Khezhas & The Khezha Grammar
Papers in Academic Publications
A Study of the Structure of Telugu Phrases
Papers in Indian Linguistics
Problems in the Analysis of Manipuri Language. P C Thoudam