Problems in the Analysis of Manipuri Language. P C Thoudam
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This is an attempt to show how the scholars have conceived in the analysis of Tibeto-Burman languages, particularly Manipuri.  I have been working on the language for the past more than four decades. I have come across several books of grammar but none of them have been referred here in my work in particular, as I am not interested to point out the shortcomings of somebody’s work, because it is not a review of the particular book on grammar of the language i.e. Manipuri


I do not claim that whatever is said here is final. But any kind of deviation or disagreement shall be supported by logical reasons. My sole contention is if we are going to write a grammar of a language like Manipuri, one shall use the linguistic principles but shall not try to analyze, keeping in mind the grammar of the language with which he is acquainted. 


I am thankful to Professor Udaya Narayana Singh, Director, Central Institute of Indian Languages for his continued encouragement and for awarding the Fellowship to me and my colleagues  and friends Dr. Rajesh Sachdeva,  Dr. A.K. Basu,  Dr. Pon Subbiah, Dr. R. Subbakrishna, Dr. K. Kafpo and host of other friends who have given me all kinds of help in my venture.  I also thank Dr. I.S. Borkar, Dr. B. Mallikarjun, for their continued support.

I am also thankful to all the members of the staff of the Library and the Librarian, the Computer Unit, and all other sections of the CIIL for their help whenever I asked them. It is difficult to name all the persons who had helped me because there is no one in the Institute who has not extended their help to me. My stay at the Institute was made very peaceful and comfortable. This might not happen if I did not receive the co-operation from all the staff members of the Institute.


I am afraid I might not have been able to fulfill the expectations of my colleagues in the Institute. Since the programme was time bound, I have to submit the report on time. But it has been delayed by a fortnight. Therefore, I have to work under pressure and in a hurry as such there might be several shortcomings such as, very few examples etc.  For this I offer my apology because it was my fault.  In case the Institute desires to publish this report I would be glad to revise and edit the work.


Finally I am also thankful to the members of my family who have always been supporting me in my endeavour to complete the work. It would have been impossible for me to complete the work if I do not get their support and cooperation.

Purna C Thoudam